National Officers

Craig Penet, National President

In January of 1995, I was appointed as a U.S. Probation Officer in the Northern District of New York; promoted to Senior U.S. Probation Officer/Team Leader & Sentencing Guideline Specialist in April of 1999; and promoted to Supervising U.S. Probation Officer in August of 2003. As a supervisor, I have had oversight of a combined presentence and pretrial investigation unit in the Albany office. During my career in Northern New York I have served as assistant firearms instructor and a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management team.

Chris DeRicco, Vice President

I was appointed a United States Probation Officer in July, 1996. I have worked as both a Supervision Officer and a Pre-Sentence Investigator. I am presently in the pre-sentence unit. Prior to this employment, I was employed as a probation officer with the State of Nevada for nearly 6 years. I am a Firearm’s Instructor, Search Team Coordinator, Chairman of our district’s Data Quality Team, past Chairman of our Sex Offender Committee, Safety Instructor, Intern Liaison, Evidence Custodian, and Automation Committee Team Member.

Michelle Wolfe, Secretary

In April 2001, I was sworn in as a United States Probation Officer in the District of Nevada, Reno, and have been a member of FPPOA since. I am currently in the Supervision Unit, and supervise a diverse caseload, including sex offenders, location monitoring cases, and Indian Country. I spent the first seven years of my Federal career in the Presentence Investigations Unit.

Amy Kord, Treasurer

I was appointed a United States Probation Officer in July of 2003 and have been in the Presentence Investigations Unit since that time. In July of 2012, I became a Sentencing Guideline Specialist. I have a Bachelor of Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Arts - Sociology, and a Master of Criminal Justice, and I am currently a part-time student working toward a Master of Accountancy degree. I am a member of the Financial Investigations Committee and a district peer trainer for PSX, and I have been a member of FPPOA since 2010.

Jimmy Poe, Newsletter Editor

In February 2014, I was appointed as a United States Probation Officer in the Middle District of Georgia. I currently work in the Supervision Unit. Prior to US Probation, I worked nine years for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department - Pretrial Services Division in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a Bachelor of Science - Political Science from East Carolina University and a Master of Business Administration from Pfeiffer University. I am a Firearms Instructor, Safety Instructor, a member of the Search and Seizure Team.

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