Chris DeRicco, Vice President

I was appointed a United States Probation Officer in July, 1996. I have worked as both a Supervision Officer and a Pre-Sentence Investigator. I am presently in the pre-sentence unit. Prior to this employment, I was employed as a probation officer with the State of Nevada for nearly 6 years. I am a Firearm’s Instructor, Search Team Coordinator, Chairman of our district’s Data Quality Team, past Chairman of our Sex Offender Committee, Safety Instructor, Intern Liaison, Evidence Custodian, and Automation Committee Team Member. I hold a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Art’s Degree in Organizational Management. I have been a member of FPPOA since I was hired in 1996. I also facilitate courses through the University of Phoenix, in the Health and Human Services Department, as a faculty member.