Eileen Vodak, Great Lakes Region President

My name is Eileen Vodak and I have been the Great Lakes Regional President since December 2013, and a member of FPPOA for 17 years.  I am a Supervising US Probation Officer in the Eastern District of Wisconsin where I have worked since August 1999.  I worked in the pretrial and presentence areas until I was promoted in December 2012.  I now supervise officers in pretrial, presentences, and supervision.  I am also a member of the American Probation and Parole Officer's Association, the American Correctional Association, and the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association, where I was Chapter Secretary for four years and Chapter President for four years.

Great Lakes Region

Region President:

Eileen Vodak


US Probation Office 517 E. Wisconsin Ave. Room 001 Milwaukee, WI 53202


(414) 297-1953

Current Members:


About the Region:

The Great Lakes Region is comprised of the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The region is comprised of the great metropolitan areas of Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit and Cleveland which makes up most of the membership base for the region. The regional line officer of the year award is named after our fallen collegue, Thomas E. Gahl.