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GREAT NEWS! The FPPOA Benevolence Fund is now part of the CFC. You can do a search for Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, or simply use the search term probation. The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico manages the FPPOA Benevolence Fund. When you click on this charity it states in the description this is the Benevolence Fund for the FPPOA. Consistent with the charitable purposes of the Foundation, distributions from the Fund will be used to provide support for families and loved ones of fallen Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers.

The Combined Federal Campaign is underway until January 15, 2022. In a few weeks the Director of the AO will be kicking off the campaign. In advance of that notice, please accept this email as a guide regarding payroll contributions.

The final CFC payroll deductions for 2021 CFC Pledges for Bi-Weekly employees will be on period ending 01/16/2022 (pay date 01/21/2022); for Judges the final deduction will be on period ending 01/31/2022 (pay date 02/01/2022)

Employees who elect recurring 2022 payroll deductions through the CFC Donor System Website will be in effect for one full year starting with the first pay period after January 15 and ending with the last pay period that includes January 15 of the following year.

Payroll deductions will take effect for 2022 payroll deductions in pay period #3. For bi-weekly staff, CFC payroll deductions will begin on salary payment date 02/04/2022. For judges, CFC payroll deductions will start on the salary payment date of 03/01/2022.

Those who would like to donate electronically can do so by going to the CFC Online Donation System at CFC. There you can sign in or register for an account.