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FPPOA Benevolence Fund

In August of 2019, the Board of FPPOA voted to establish a Benevolence Fund. This memorial fund is our way to honor Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers and to offer assistance to their families who suffer a loss of their loved one. The FPPOA Benevolence Fund was organized with the sole purpose of helping the families of sworn officers of U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services by providing financial relief in the event of a officer’s death. Due to the unforeseen expenses resulting from the untimely loss of a law enforcement loved one, the FPPOA Benevolence Fund was designed to help subsidize these expenses. It is our opinion that this financial assistance is the most needed way of helping the family members during the shocking first days following the death of an officer. As a Federal Probation or Pretrial Services Officer, the beneficiary will be entitled to up to $1,000 that is tax exempt in the event of a death. You may visit our website for further information.

In order to provide this benefit, the fund needs your help. We started this fund raising at the 2019 National Training Institute asking for donations from those attending the conference. Unfortunately, we have already had the need to provide a fallen officer’s family with this benefit. Please click on the link below and make a donation to the FPPOA Benevolence Fund. Thank you for your support.

Federal Probation and Pretrial Officer Benevolence Fund